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Dr. Greg Peterson’s 16 Week Functional Medicine Class

The aim of the Shogun Seminar Series is to educate, equip, and empower practitioners with the knowledge needed to feel confident approaching whatever condition presents in their client/patient, and to help them obtain optimal health!

Test For Vitamin D

As you know, Vitamin D affect over 3000 genes and processes. But we forget and certainly our patients don’t understand that it takes time for cells to become sufficient.

Insulin Update

Beyond insulin’s blood sugar reduction and fat storage function, most of us have not considered the many metabolic roles insulin plays.

8 Clinical Pearls For Your Practice

I have so many little clinical pearls that it’s fun to just let them fly and let you experiment with them. Here are 8 clinical pearls to use in your practice.

Drug Nutrient Depletion

As many as 73% of your patients aged 55 – 64 take at least one prescription drug; and if taken long enough,they can deplete essential nutrients.

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