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Wellnes Practice.

Would you like to create a cash based “Wellness Center” at your office?

We have a unique “Wellness Center” program that can help you get started quickly. This easy to follow “system” has been getting great results with a whole range of chronic conditions.

Our Wellness Center program includes some very sophisticated patient marketing tools that includes a patient DVD, patients mailers, even your own website.

The nutritional program that patients go on is as close to turnkey as can be, with very little time required by the physician. Unfortunately, we can only offer a limited......

Nutrition..One Byte At A Time

This innovative learning tool brings the latest nutritional information to your computer screen on demand.

Joe Buishas comes alive right on your screen to...

Metabolic Management is the exclusive midwest distributor of Biotics Research products selling exclusively to health care professionals. We also carry a line of herbal products from Professional Botanicals.

Please call us with any product questions you may have. Our whole focus is to better educate you about the best nutritional products in the industry.

As part of our effort to train doctors and staff how to use nutrition in their offices, we offer ongoing training in the form of seminars, small group workshops, and training DVD’s & CD’s.

Call us @ 800-373-1373


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8 Little Known Reasons

There are many good companies supplying nutrients for your health.

On the other hand, there are also some really bad companies and unfortunately it is hard to know who they are. Taking it a step further, there are a only few really great nutritional companies. Here are 8 reasons why Biotics Research is one of ....

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Evaluate Patient

pH Status in Seconds

Here is a great technique to try with every patient, click below to hear Joe tell you about it.


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