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Increasing Patient Compliance

One way to support your patients’ understanding is to write out nutritional suggestions in a way that they can understand and articulate to others.

Quality Control

We know doctors can get results with other companies’ products, but unless these companies have invested in the type of technology Biotics has, they can’t guarantee purity from batch to batch.

Exceeding Label Claims

At the 2019 EPIC Conference sponsored by Biotics Research, I had an epiphany regarding the quality of supplements.

Neurolingual Testing

When a patient tastes a substance there is a neurological connection between the nerves in the mouth and the hypothalamus.

Rediscover Vitamin K

Which form of vitamin K should you use? K1, K2, or K3? And what about MK-4 thru MK-10? Let’s clear the confusion.

Clinical Pearls

Colleagues often share “clinical pearls”, bits of clinical knowledge that have stood the test of time in terms of their effectiveness.

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